Course Overview

Stand to Reason: Introduction to Christian Apologetics and Rhetoric

“Stand to Reason” is one of the nation’s leading apologetics ministries, offering a diverse base of resources that answer the cultural questions of the day with clarity and compassion. In this Frameworks course, students will be wrestling with contemporary cultural issues (gender, sexuality, race, Biblical inspiration, and more) but doing so in the context of learning to develop an apologetic defense of truth and understanding the discipline of rhetoric. Both apologetics and rhetoric are disciplines rooted in the early church and were considered by the first Christ followers to be an essential part of discipleship. Students will survey both ancient and contemporary apologists and their rhetorical strategies. Additionally, students will study the concepts of logos, ethos, and pathos within the context of various rhetorical devices.

Course Availability:

  • January 2023

Mark Driscoll

Robby Lashua

What Is Frameworks?

The Frameworks Biblical Worldview Initiative is an extension of Northwest Christian School Online and represents expanded opportunities for high school students to dig deeper and explore further their growing understanding of the truths of God’s word, their meaning within worldview formation, and their relevance in every area of life. These electives will be available online starting in August 2021 and are part of Northwest Christian School’s recently announced “Distinctive Diploma” program—a partnership between Northwest Christian and Grand Canyon University, Arizona Christian University, and Huntington University.

  • Online Biblical Worldview Classes

  • Fully Accredited

  • Transferable for public school academic credit

  • Only $250 per class

Only $250 per course

Earn a Distinctive Diploma:

A partnership that presents a new and unique opportunity for high school students

What are Distinctive Diplomas?

Similar to a university major in a high school, Distinctive Diplomas are each focused on a unique aspect of Biblical worldview and are an additional diploma offered to students who take four online, half-credit, semester-long courses offered through the Frameworks Biblical Worldview Initiative during their four years of high school. Created in partnership with three uniquely Christian universities, Distinctive Diplomas will not replace the traditional Northwest Christian High School Diploma and students who pursue a Distinctive Diploma will earn both diplomas as well as scholarships to participating universities.

What are the Distinctive Diplomas that will be available?

Distinctive Diplomas will first be made available to the classes of 2024 and 2025, kicking off in the Fall of 2021. Initially, eleven Distinctive Diplomas will be available. These include: Christian Apologetics: Defending the Faith (ACU), Imago Dei: Creation Science and Biblical Worldview (ACU), Transforming Culture with Truth: Law, Politics, and Worldview (ACU), Faith and Freedom (GCU and ACU), Missions: Far and Near (GCU and ACU), Foundations for Military Service (GCU and ACU), Praise and Worship: Performance and Ministry Leadership (GCU), Healthcare, Exercise Science, and Biblical Worldview (GCU), Public Safety and First Response Preparation: Fire Science and Law Enforcement (GCU), Young Life Leadership Development (GCU), and Digital Media Arts and Christian Worldview (HU).

What are the advantages of earning a Distinctive Diploma?

The courses required to earn a Distinctive Diploma are being developed by key leaders within the fields they represent, pulling together the latest resources from partner universities and outstanding teaching. Additionally, the partner universities recognize the value of this diploma program, offering $500/year for up to four years to graduates who earn these diplomas. This generous $2000 scholarship is in addition to the existing partnership scholarships enjoyed between these universities and Northwest Christian High School.

What are the costs associated with earning a Distinctive Diploma?

All of the Frameworks electives that are taken “on-the-ground” and on campus are included in the costs associated with on-the-ground high school tuition. For those students who take the courses online, these courses are available for $250/semester.

What are the first courses that will be made available through the Northwest Christian Frameworks Initiative?

The Frameworks slate of courses will expand each year but the initial August 2021 courses include: Creation Science and Biblical Worldview, Worship Ministry I, Christians Might Be Crazy: Answering the Top Seven Objections to Christianity, Military Preparation I, Young Life Leadership Development I and II, and Christ and the Arts. In January 2022, this list will expand to include: Healthcare: Mission, Ethics, and Worldview, Introduction to Public Safety: First Responder Preparation, and World Religions.

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The Frameworks Initiative is being released for fall of 2021 as a pilot program. We are limiting registrations to 100 for this program.

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