Available Courses

The Frameworks Initiative is being released for fall of 2021 as a pilot program with a set of nine individual classes. We will be adding additional classes throughout the 2021-2022 calendar. We are limiting registrations to 100 for this program. If you are interested in having your student participate in the program, please use the button below to create an account and save your spot.

Christ and the Arts

Instructor: Andrew Coley, NCHS Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Creation Science and Biblical Worldview

Instructor: Russ Miller, Author and acclaimed speaker

Heart of Worship: Preparing for Worship Ministry Leadership I

Instructor: Likewise Worship, Worship Ministry Consultancy

Military Service: Worldview, History, and Preparation

Instructor: Mia Odom, Graduate of Northwest Christian and West Point

Young Life Leadership Development I

Instructor: Young Life, Christian organization

Young Life Leadership Development II

Instructor: Young Life, Christian organization

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The Frameworks Initiative is being released for fall of 2021 as a pilot program. We are limiting registrations to 100 for this program.

We are excited for you to consider Frameworks for your student. Please use this form to save your spot in this program. Space is limited so saving your spot and beginning the application process will prevent you from missing out.

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The Kingdom Culture Conversations podcast uses God's word to address the issues that are confounding the culture in which our students are living: gender, race, the sanctity of life, sexuality, and more. Within each episode, recognized experts on these issues discuss the ramifications of holding to a Christian worldview during a time of cultural upheaval and work to equip students to understand how to understand and address the issues from a Biblical perspective.

The "Off the Page" Book Club is a long-standing club that was formed by students at Northwest Christian High School. As an offshoot of the club, this weekly podcast features various hosts--faculty, students, and sometimes both--as they work through various fiction and non-fiction books and consider the topics, characters, content, and plots through the lens of a Biblical worldview.